Get Free Business Email from WiexonHost
Without any additional cost

Get Email addresses with your business name

Customers prefer businesses with professional email addresses like [email protected]. It builds trust and credibility, separates personal and business emails, increases brand awareness, and helps you manage your emails more efficiently.

Make your website secured

Lifetime free SSL Certificate for all domain

All of the SSL certificates which are installed free of charge on our servers are fully valid 256bit encrypted offering identical encryption as ‘paid’ certificates. AutoSSL attempts to automatically install an SSL certificate for each and every domain you add to your hosting.

WiexonHost provide Lifetime free SSL Certificate
WiexonHost provide each account daily backups
Never lose your site again

Powerful disaster recovery without any cost

Full account backups every day as standard for 21 days in any packages of cPanel or DirectAdmin. The ideal disaster recovery companion, completely free of charge. Restore either your full site or choose to selectively restore files, DNS records, email accounts and more with a single click, from any point in time.

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Choose from a Diverse Range of Budget-Friendly Hosting Options Packed with Advanced Features and Unparalleled Performance

SSD cPanel Web hosting

cPanel Hosting

Get Fast & Secure Web Hosting. It’s the most accredited choice.

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SSD DirectAdmin Web hosting

DirectAdmin Hosting

A powerful control panel designed for ease-of-use.

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SSD WordPress hosting

WordPress Hosting

Up to 220 times faster Managed WordPress Hosting.

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Domain and web hosting solution for online presence of your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting and why do I need it?
Web hosting refers to the service of storing and providing access to websites on the internet. When you create a website, you need a place to store all its files, /images, and content so that it can be accessed by visitors. Web hosting companies like WiexonHost offer servers where these files can be stored and made available to users worldwide. Without web hosting, your website would not be accessible to anyone on the internet.
Why do I need a website for my business?
Having a website for your business is essential in today's digital age. It allows you to establish an online presence, reach a wider audience, and promote your products or services 24/7. A website acts as a virtual storefront, enabling potential customers to learn more about your business, browse your offerings, and contact you easily. It enhances your credibility and competitiveness in the market, making it easier for people to find and engage with your brand.
Why do I need a professional email and how can I get email service from WiexonHost?
A professional email is important for creating a strong brand image and building trust with your customers. Unlike generic email services, a professional email uses your domain name (e.g., [email protected]), which looks more professional and reinforces your brand identity. WiexonHost offers email services as part of their hosting packages, allowing you to create custom email addresses using your own domain name. WiexonHost offers two distinct options for obtaining email services. Firstly, email services are included within the web hosting packages, providing a comprehensive solution for individuals and smaller-scale businesses. Additionally, WiexonHost also offers dedicated email service packages, specifically designed to meet the requirements of larger-scale organizations. For those seeking an exclusive email service solution, WiexonHost's dedicated email service packages are available for purchase at the following link: These packages cater to the needs of businesses operating on a bigger scale, ensuring reliable and efficient email communication.
What makes WiexonHost Web Hosting different from others?
WiexonHost stands out from other web hosting providers due to its unique features and commitment to customer satisfaction. Some differentiating factors include:
  • Super fast SSD web hosting: WiexonHost utilizes solid-state drives (SSDs) for faster data retrieval and improved website performance.
  • Free SSL certificate: WiexonHost provides SSL certificates to secure your website and enable HTTPS encryption, boosting visitor trust and search engine rankings.
  • Daily backups: WiexonHost performs daily backups of your website data, ensuring that your files are protected and can be restored if needed.
  • Digester recovery: WiexonHost offers a recovery system that can restore your website quickly in case of any unforeseen issues or data loss.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee: WiexonHost offers a risk-free trial period, allowing you to try their services and get a refund within 30 days if you're not satisfied.
  • No hidden costs: WiexonHost is transparent about its pricing, with no hidden fees or surprises in your bill.
Why should I transfer my domain, website, or web hosting to WiexonHost?
Transferring your domain, website, or web hosting to WiexonHost can bring several benefits:
  • Consolidated management: By having all your services with a single provider, you can streamline the management of your domain, website, and hosting, making it more convenient and efficient.
  • Enhanced performance: WiexonHost's super fast SSD web hosting ensures quick loading times for your website, providing a better user experience for your visitors.
  • Free SSL certificate: WiexonHost offers free SSL certificates, which are crucial for website security and trustworthiness.
  • Reliable backups: WiexonHost performs daily backups, ensuring that your website data is protected and can be restored if needed.
  • Knowledgeable support: WiexonHost provides customer support to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have during the transfer process or while managing your services.
What makes WiexonHost web hosting WordPress-friendly?
WiexonHost is optimized for WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems for building websites. The following features make WiexonHost WordPress-friendly:
  • One-click WordPress installation: WiexonHost provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to install WordPress with just a single click, without any technical knowledge required.
  • WordPress updates and security: WiexonHost ensures that your WordPress installation is always up to date with the latest versions, including important security patches.
  • Performance optimization: WiexonHost's super fast SSD web hosting and advanced server configurations are specifically designed to enhance the performance of WordPress websites.
  • WordPress-friendly support: WiexonHost's support team has expertise in WordPress-related issues and can assist you with any WordPress-specific questions or challenges you may encounter.
What is a domain name and how do I get one from WiexonHost?
A domain name is the address that users type into their web browsers to access your website (e.g., WiexonHost offers domain registration services, allowing you to search for and register a domain name of your choice. Simply visit the WiexonHost website, search for the availability of your desired domain name, and follow the registration process. WiexonHost will guide you through the necessary steps and handle the technical aspects of domain registration on your behalf.
How do I choose the right web hosting plan for my website?
Selecting the right web hosting plan depends on your website's requirements, such as its expected traffic, storage needs, and technical specifications. When choosing a web hosting plan from WiexonHost, consider the following factors:
  • Disk space and bandwidth: Ensure that the plan offers sufficient storage space and data transfer capacity to accommodate your website's needs.
  • Website builder or CMS support: If you're building a website from scratch, consider if you need a website builder tool or if you prefer using a specific content management system (e.g., WordPress).
  • Performance and speed: Look for features like SSD storage and server optimizations to ensure fast loading times and smooth website performance.
  • Support and scalability: Check if the hosting plan includes reliable customer support and if it allows you to easily scale your resources as your website grows.
  • Additional features: Consider any specific requirements you have, such as email accounts, SSL certificates, or database support, and ensure that the hosting plan provides those features.
How do I transfer my existing website and domain name to WiexonHost?
Transferring your existing website and domain name to WiexonHost involves a few steps:
  • Sign up for a web hosting plan with WiexonHost that meets your requirements.
  • Back up your website files, databases, and email accounts from your current hosting provider.
  • Update the nameservers of your domain to point to WiexonHost's nameservers. This step ensures that your domain directs visitors to your new hosting account.
  • Upload your website files and databases to your new WiexonHost hosting account using FTP or the provided file manager.
  • Set up your email accounts on WiexonHost by creating the necessary email addresses and configuring them in your preferred email client or webmail interface.
  • Test your website on the new hosting account to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
  • Once you have confirmed that your website is working as expected on WiexonHost, cancel your previous hosting account to complete the transfer.
  • It's important to note that the exact steps may vary depending on your current hosting provider and the specific setup of your website. WiexonHost's support team can assist you throughout the transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.
Need help? Get in touch with our support team any time.