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Domain Name Features

Purchase domains without any hassle, get single-ended support, and focus more on your business.

Affordable Domains

Affordable domain registration for over 50 TLD’s. Get your perfect domain today.

 Address Support
Instant Registration

Domain name registrations and transfers take place automatically 24/7/365.

E-Mail Forwarders
No Hidden Fees

We do not include any hidden fees in our domain registrations or transfers.

Most common domain prices

Domain New Price Transfer Renewal
com 12.95 11.99 12.95
info 4.79 27.59 27.59
shop 2.39 41.99 41.99
xyz 2.39 14.28 14.28
org 8.99 16.79 16.79
me 6.59 26.39 26.39
online 2.39 39.00 39.00
biz 21.06 22.20 21.06

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Frequently Asked Questions

What domain extensions (TLDs) does WiexonHost offer for registration?
WiexonHost offers domain registration for over 50 Top-Level Domains (TLDs), including popular options like .com, .net, .org, .xyz, .biz, .shop, .ai, .io, and many more. You can find the perfect domain to represent your online presence.
Are WiexonHost's domain registration prices affordable?
Yes, WiexonHost provides affordable domain registration services. We offer competitive pricing for a wide range of TLDs, making it easier for you to secure your desired domain at a budget-friendly cost.
How fast is the domain registration process?
WiexonHost ensures instant domain registration. Our automated system allows domain name registrations and transfers to take place automatically 24/7/365. This means you can secure your domain quickly and conveniently.
Are there any hidden fees in WiexonHost's domain registration service?
No, there are no hidden fees with WiexonHost's domain registration or transfer services. We are transparent about our pricing, and you can be confident that the displayed price is the final cost you'll pay.
Can I transfer an existing domain to WiexonHost?
Absolutely! WiexonHost supports domain transfers, allowing you to consolidate all your domains under one provider for easier management. Our transfer process is straightforward and efficient.
Can I purchase multiple domains at once?
Yes, you can register multiple domains at once with WiexonHost. Whether you need domain variations for your brand or multiple TLDs to protect your online identity, our platform makes it convenient to register them in one go.
Is domain privacy protection available for my registrations?
Yes, WiexonHost offers domain privacy protection (WHOIS privacy) as an optional service. This feature helps keep your personal information private and protected from public domain lookup databases.
Can I manage my domain settings and DNS records easily?
Absolutely! WiexonHost provides an intuitive control panel for domain management, allowing you to update your domain settings, DNS records, and other essential configurations with ease.
Do I need to have a hosting account with WiexonHost to register a domain?
No, you can register a domain with WiexonHost even if you do not have a hosting account with us. Domain registration is a separate service, and you can use it independently or with any other hosting provider.
What should I consider when choosing a domain name for my website?
When choosing a domain name, consider something easy to remember, relevant to your brand or business, and aligned with your website's purpose. Avoid using complicated or lengthy domain names to make it more user-friendly.
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